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April Camp
May - Strang Work Day 1. Troop hung plexiglass in dining hall, office, and trading post as part of COVID protection measures
May - The Patrols placed second and third overall at the camporee

As Part of the camporee, the troop was asked to retire a flag. Only two organizations are permitted to do a flag retirement. The military and the BSA. We held a ceremony at the evening campfire. As part of the ceremony, the flag is cut into the individual stripes and the field of stars. Each scout then placed on stripe on the fire and lastly the blue field. Below is a series of pictures showing parts of the ceremony. Ideally, Scouts would have been in full uniform but since it was the camping trip that was not possible.

Flag Ceremony

Final Remarks during flag ceremony

May - The Troop will be installing new front platforms in campsite Algonquin on the workday. Several adults got together to build them and load them on a trailer for the trip the following week to camp Strang.

Strang Work Day #2 - Installing the platforms, landscaping, tree work, leveling tent platforms, and putting up the tents!

Lean-To Porch
Leaders Tent
Tree Work - 4 large trees were taken down

Ready for Camp!

Spring Court of Honor